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 DNA Contamination

View Gary Leiterman's YouTube Video - A brief video that tells the story of this horrifying wrongful convction

Read a report from Dr. Theodore Kessis; a 14 year DNA and lab procedures expert.  Dr. Kessis' opinion is that Gary's DNA was "unreliable" in the Jane Mixer Case.

 "Gary Leiterman, John Ruelas and evidence from Jane Mixer's murder were all present in the lab during a shared point in time. The laboratory and the State viewed the finding of DNA consistent with John Ruelas as either an unreliable, or perhaps inconsequential, result given the attribute of his age. Lacking such attributes to identify his result as an unexpected error, the finding of DNA consistent with Gary Leiterman was viewed as reliable. It is my opinion that this latter result must instead be considered unreliable and the defendant's counsel failed to effectively convey this argument. " - Dr. Theodore Kessis

LAB SUPERVISOR WAS ASKED TO RESIGN! - It was later learned that the supervisor (named Barna) of the lab where Gary Leiterman's DNA was stored, Jane Mixer's evidential pantyhose and John Ruelas' DNA were stored, resigned because he had subordinates taking his certification exam.  HOW CAN YOU TRUST A CORRUPT LAB?

"TRAVERSE CITY - A former supervisor in the Michigan State Police Crime Lab's DNA analysis unit had a subordinate take a required proficiency test for him last year, an internal investigation found." - December 19, 2004 - Record Eagle - Keith Matheny

Read the full article here about the firing of  Barna

Read "DNA for Dummies" by Mark Godsey from The Innocence Network.  This report shows examples of how DNA can be used and how it can not be used; as is in Gary Leiterman's wrongful conviction.

There have been several instances where inept DNA testing has shown the obvious mistakes made.  Read articles on exoneration, because of lab mistakes.

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